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Edit Participant Program History


Updated over a week ago

By default, only Site Managers and above have access to edit and/or delete a Program History record. To grant other users access, navigate to Site Administration > Manage My Site > Security Settings.

Step 1 – On the Navigation Bar, select "Participants".

Step 2 – Select "View/Edit Participant".

Step 3 – Search for the Participant by name.

Step 4 – Click on the Participant’s name.

Step 5 – Click on the “Program History” button to generate a list of all of their Program enrollment history.

Step 6 – Once the User finds the correct Program name, go to the "Take Action" column and click on the "Edit" pencil icon of the Program history that needs to be corrected.

Step 7 – Select the appropriate start date and/or end date from the list.

Step 8 – Click Submit.

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