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This is the feature overview for collecting signatures electronically in an assessment or TouchPoint response. Signatures can be collected via an electronic signature pad (equipment details below) in both Assessments and in TouchPoints. In addition, TouchPoints only (not Assessments) can capture signatures via any touchscreen device such as an iPad or via a mouse or laptop track pad.


Bonterra supports an electronic signature pad made by Topaz Systems, Inc. The specific device used to develop and test the feature is the model T-S460-HSB-R which connects to a computer via USB port. The device comes packaged with software which must be installed on the computer prior to use with ETO.

More information on the forensics of an electronic signature can be obtained on the Topaz website.

Signing without Hardware

If the PC does not have the signature pad attached at the time of loading the assessment – the Sign button will still be displayed to the user. Clicking the sign button will still present the user with the signature panel. Attempting to save the signature will result in a “Failed to save signature” error which should have no effect on the user’s ability to complete the assessment. No signature will be saved.

Signing without Software

In the event that a user clicks the Sign button on the electronic signature element but does not have the signature pad software installed, an alert will appear explaining that the software is not available and to contact Customer Support.

Signature Data

A signature is represented a string containing an array of coordinates which defines the gestures used to create the signature – the signature data. This code is used to render a graphical representation of the signature which is displayed to the user when recording or reviewing a signature. The signature data is rendered as a JPEG, saved as an image upload and attached to the assessment.

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