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Response Cross Reference Element | Filter by Subject
Response Cross Reference Element | Filter by Subject

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This question type allows users to select and link a response from another TouchPoint when recording a new TouchPoint response. "Choices" (i.e. the responses) will display in a drop-down menu in a display format specified by an administrator. Additional filtering on what type of responses display can also be set, such as by the individual Participant or Entity.

Step 1 – Create a new TouchPoint element by clicking on the Add Question button while editing a TouchPoint.

Step 2 – Select Response Cross Reference.

Step 3 – Name the question.

Step 4 – Select the target TouchPoint from the drop-down menu to pull responses from.

Step 5 – Select the appropriate elements to pull into new responses based on your needs.

Step 6 – Under the elements selected, click on the green +/- icon next to the word "AND."

Step 7 – Change the "Subject Type" drop-down menu to "Subject Name" as shown above.

Step 8 – In the text box, type "@SubjectID" as shown above.

Step 9 – Click Save.

​The following contextual filters for a Response Cross Reference elements can also be applied:

  • Subject Type: @SubjectTypeID

  • Subject Name: @SubjectID

  • Recording Staff Member: @AuditStaffID

  • Site: @SiteID

  • Program: @ProgramID 

Note: By typing the "@" symbol in the Site or Program filters, ETO will use whichever Site or Program you are currently located in when recording the response to determine which responses to display in the drop-down.

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