E-Signatures on Topaz Signature Pads
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As of April 12th, E-Signatures are supported in Edge and Chrome browsers. The Topaz signature pad is no longer supported in IE or Edge in IE mode.

A Topaz Chrome Browser extension (Topaz SigPlusExtLite) is needed in ETO for other browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Opera) to use signature pads and E-Signature elements.

Follow Topaz instructions for browser extensions and hardware updates:

If the above instructions did not yield success, please see the below instructions provided by Topaz Support (techsupport@topazsystems.com) for troubleshooting set-up issues.

Download and Run SigPlusPro:

  1. Download and run the following file:

    1. Note: Click OK or run until you get to the Welcome screen.

  2. Click Next on Welcome screen

  3. Click next on Read me File

  4. Click next on Choose destination

  5. Select the dot that has the first two letters of your Model type

  6. Select the dot that has your pad type (which can be found on the backside of the pad) and click Next

  7. Select your connection type and click Next

    1. For pads that end with HSB, choose HSB (USB Type)

  8. Click Agree on License Agreement to continue to the next screen

  9. Click OK on Ready to Configure Software

  10. Select the dot for Yes to add Demo OCX.exe to the desktop and click Next

  11. Click OK to continue on the installation notes

  12. Click OK on the Sigplus plugins, tools, and examples

  13. Click Finish to complete installation

Once you have finished the installation, you can plug in your pad.

Confirm you're able to open and sign in the Demo OCX:

  1. Locate and open the shortcut for Demo OCX on your desktop. It will be the icon with a little yellow gem and gray box around it. If you are unable to locate the shortcut on your desktop, you can locate the program by browsing to the following location:

  2. Plug your pad in if it is not already plugged in

  3. Click the Start button in the Topaz SigPlus Demonstration and try to sign on your pad

  4. If you see writing in the white field in Topaz SigPlus Demonstration window, then your pad is working properly

Download and run the following extension:

Once you have finished downloading and installing SigPlusExtLite.exe, please verify that you have the following entries installed:



Set up and test the Chrome Extension:

  1. Left-click Add to Chrome (in the upper right-hand corner)

  2. Left-click Add extension

  3. Left-click the three vertical dots (in the upper right-hand corner)

  4. Left-click More Tools

  5. Left-click Extensions

  6. Please verify that you see an entry for the following: Topaz SigPlusExtLite Background Extension

  7. To test, please open the following page in Chrome: http://www.sigplusweb.com/sign_chrome_ff_SigPlusExtLite.html

  8. To start the signing process, left-click Sign (left-hand side)

  9. This will bring up a Topaz SigPlusExtLite SDK window. Prior to signing, make sure it says "Pad initialized, start signing..."

  10. Please sign on your pad. If working properly, you will see your signature appear in the Topaz SigPlusExtLite SDK window.

  11. Left-click the green check (in the upper right-hand corner) to accept the signature

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