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When creating new custom demographics, the Site Administrator will need to set the scope of the demographic. This will determine what sites/programs will see the demographic on the Add New Participant page.

The options for setting scope are as follows:

  1. Enterprise-Level: Demographic will be available within all sites and programs in the enterprise, pending no program groups. Administrators must be an Enterprise Manager in order to choose this option.

  2. Site-Level: Demographic will be available in all programs within the current site that the administrator is working in, pending no program groups.

  3. Program-Level: Demographic will be available in the current program that the administrator is working in.

  4. Program Groups: When using Enterprise-Level or Site-Level scope for demographics, program groups can be used jointly to choose which programs within the enterprise or site you would like to display the demographic.

A scope not only determines where a Demographic will appear for a Participant, but in what places the options for it are set. For example, a Demographic scoped to Enterprise and set to Return with Quick Search will have the Return with Quick Search option check in all Sites.

The scope of a custom demographic can only be scoped up, it cannot be scoped down. For example, a Site-Level demographic can be changed to an Enterprise-Level, but can never be changed to Program-Level.

If a demographic has been accidentally scoped up, it will have to be disabled and re-created to the prior access level. Furthermore, if there is a report with data corresponding to that demographic, the new demographic will have to be inserted in the query.

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