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My Favorites | Manage CX Report Links

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This tool adds custom ETO Results report links to the "My Favorites" tab.

This is a developer's tool that can be given to Enterprise Managers.

Email Support at to request access to the CX Report Links tool.

This is considered a legacy tool. The View Reports page accomplishes the same functionality without the need to create custom links.

Creating a Report Link from IE, Chrome, and Edge

  1. Save your custom ETO Results report to a Public Site or Enterprise folder. If the report is saved in your Favorites folder (in ETO Results) others will have trouble accessing the report. 

  2. Navigate to Reports > View Reports. Find the report you'd like to create a custom link for. 

  3. Acquire the URL for the custom report using the following methods:

    Getting URL for IE

Right-click the name of the report and find the "Properties" option

Copy the Address(URL) of the report.

Getting URL for Chrome

Right-click the name of the report and find the "Copy link address" option

Getting URL for Edge

Right-click the name of the report and find the "Copy link" option

4. Navigate to your new tool Developer > Manage CX Report Links

5. This page lists all the CX links in your Enterprise. Create a New link or Edit a previous one.

6.  Complete all Fields on the Form. Without every field filled out the link will error.

Report Header: Refers to the section headers on your My Favorites Page
Site Name: This distinguishes which Site you'd like the report to show up in
Limit to Program: This distinguishes which Program you'd like the report to show up in or if it should be available in all Programs.
Limit to Role: This distinguishes which is the lowest user role who can access/view the link.
CxReport Name: The name of your report
CxReport Link: The Link you copied from the View Reports NEW Page
Sequence: The order it will be in the My Favorites page
Disabled: No (unless you are editing an old report and would like to disable it temporarily)
Report or Link: Report

7. Save!
8. Navigate to My Favorites > Add Custom Report or Query

  • Check the items you'd like to make visible in your My Favorites tab

  • Set to Personal if just editing for your own page

  • Set to Default to add it to everyone's Favorite Tab who has access to the link

Limitations: Multiple CX Report Links need to be created if you wish to have it available in some programs but not all or in multiple sites but not all.

Additionally, the role-based security defaults to the designated users and above.  There is no way to set permissions for one role type. 

View Reports allows for many programs, sites, and user roles to have very specific access to reports. 

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