ETO is available Monday - Friday from 7 AM - 7 PM CST. During business hours you can chat in, open a portal ticket, or email our team.

Outside of business hours or on holidays you can open a critical case to get immediate support. See our 2022 holiday schedule here.

Critical cases are defined as: Client’s production use of the SSG Software is stopped or so severely impacted that no User can reasonably continue to use or access the SSG Software. Critical requests have one or more of the following characteristics (a) data corruption, (b) SSG Software hangs causing unacceptable delays or (c) the SSG Software is inaccessible to all Users. Target response time for Critical/Business Down cases will be 2 hour. More on case priorities here.

To open a critical priority case:

  1. Open a Critical priority support ticket through the portal

  2. Email support with the word "Critical" in the subject line

  3. Or call our emergency line at 1-469-874-0792 Ext. 2 *Calling the line with a non-emergency may be subject to a fine.*

If you are experiencing an issue that cannot wait until the next business day because it is halting your organizations ability to input data, you can call our after-hours support line.

ETO Emergency After-hours Support: 1-469-874-0792

*Calling the line with a non-emergency may be subject to a fine.

Please enter a support ticket to with critical priority if you are unsure if your issue meets the qualifications.

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