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Legacy Referrals | View Pending Referrals
Legacy Referrals | View Pending Referrals

#Legacy How to view Pending Referrals through "Record Efforts," our legacy functionality.

Updated over a week ago

Legacy Referrals have been sunsetted in ETO as of 2022. Learn more below!

Internal Referrals are faster, more user-friendly, and track more data points! Update to internal referrals!

View Pending Legacy Referrals

ETO allows users to see Participants who have been referred to your program by another program in your site.

For example, if you have an Intake Program that manages enrollments for all programs, when a Participant completes the enrollment process, they can be referred to your program by the Intake Program.

In-Depth Instructions

Step 1 – On the Navigation Bar, click Record Efforts. Then select View Pending Referrals.

Step 2 – Select A different Program within my Site and click Submit.

  • The site option also is possible within ETO software Enterprise Editions, where one site refers Participants to another site within the same Enterprise Edition.

Step 3 – You will now see a list of all referring programs and Participants referred.

  • For each Participant, you have the option to Accept or Not Accept the Participant.

To Accept

  • Click Accepted to enroll the Participant into your program.

  • You will be asked to confirm the Participant is accepted. Click OK to continue.

  • Select the program start date for the Participant. (This date can be backdated if the Participant arrived in your program prior to today's date)

  • Click Add Participants to Program to complete the process.

To Reject

  • Click Not Accepted if you do not wish to enroll the Participant in your program.

  • Choose a Rejection Reason on the pop-up window.

Note: Rejections Reasons are the same as your universal Dismissal Reasons populated by the Site Administrator.

  • Click Submit to complete the process.

To Change what shows on Participant Details page:

This can be managed under: Site Administration > Manage Demographics > Check box for Shared Across Enterprise for desired Demographics

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