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Legacy Referrals | Multiple Participant Referrals
Legacy Referrals | Multiple Participant Referrals

#Legacy How to execute referrals for multiple Participants within "Record Efforts," our legacy functionality.

Updated over a week ago

Legacy Referrals have been sunsetted in ETO as of 2022. Learn more below!

Internal Referrals are faster, more user friendly, and track more data points! Update to internal referrals!

Multiple Participant Referrals

This feature facilitates recording referrals for more than one Participant simultaneously. If you are looking for a way to make an individual referral, please see Add Referral.

In-Depth Instructions

Step 1 – On the Navigation Bar, click Record Efforts. Then select Multiple Participant Referrals.

Step 2 – Select group or Participant referral and then click the Submit button.

Step 3 – Selecting a group allows for specific Participants to be selected from the Groups, Families, or Rooms (from housing units).

  1. Click the +All button to check all groups, families, and rooms.

  2. Click the toggle (+/-) to expand each category and see the list of groups/families/rooms available to refer.

  3. Click on a letter of the alphabet to be taken straight to groups/families/rooms starting with that letter (useful for categories with lists of 50 or more).

  4. Check the box to Check All groups/families/rooms for that category only.

  5. Click the Next 50 button to go to the next 50 groups/families/rooms in a category (for categories with lists of more than 50).

Step 4 – Check the box(es) of the group/family/room that you want to refer. This will show you all of the Participant in that group/family/room and allows you to unselect a specific Participant if so desired. Then click the Submit button.

Step 5 – Select the type of referral for all Participants.

Step 6 – Fill out all required information and hit the Submit button.

The Participant option allows for a random selection from the program enrollment list.

The selected Participants will be referred to the same place (Site, Service Provider, Employer, etc.) The details entered on the Add Referral screen will populate to each of their records. Notes should therefore be generic in nature. If the dismiss from program option at the bottom of the page is selected, the dismissal details will also be applied to all of the selected Participants.

Once the referral is submitted, the Participant's referral information is edited or updated individually with the View/Edit Referrals and View Pending Referrals features. View/Edit Referrals does allow for search by family name.

Reports: Referral data populates the Review Participant Efforts report, as well as the Standard Report entitled Participant Referral List.

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