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#Legacy Learn how to view and edit existing referrals within "Record Efforts," our legacy functionality.

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Legacy Referrals have been sunsetted in ETO as of 2022. Learn more below!

Internal Referrals are faster, more user friendly, and track more data points! Update to internal referrals!

View/Edit Referrals

Default User Role: Staff

This is the place to review all referral history, and to add additional details to previously added referrals. This feature is most often utilized to update Referral Status for referrals made to Entities. This is because referrals made within ETO (from program to program) can be accepted or not accepted on View Pending Referrals.

The options available to view referrals are as follows:

  • Show Single Participant: Allows for search of one participant with program history (meaning the participant may be active or dismissed) in the selected program by partial of full last name, SSN, or Case Number. Search results will include participants with and without active referral information. If a participant without referral information is selected, the following message will generate: There are no uncompleted Referrals for Participant. Please add Referral or Show all Referrals.

  • Show Single Family: Allows for search of one family by partial of full family name. After selecting a family that includes members with referral information from the search results, a list of referrals by individual participant generates. This list respects program information; if a family member is enrolled in a program that the user does not have access to, that participant will not show. Selecting a family with no referral information will redirect the user to a blank page.

  • Show only Participants enrolled in Program: Shows all participants enrolled in the program that have active (not completed) referrals.

  • Show all Participants across site: Shows all active participants across the entire site that have active (not completed) referrals. This list respects program information; if a participant with active referral information is enrolled in a program that the user does not have access to, that participant will not show.

Once a selection has been made, you will see the following screen:

The following options are available for each referral:


Clicking this button allows the user to view the following details of the referral: Staff Completing, Reason for Dismissal and Termination Date (will only show if participant was dismissed at time of referral), Reason for Referral, Pending Drop Off Date (which does not impact referrals to entities), Release Participant Information (when referring to another program or site), Is Accepted (will read "unknown" for referrals to entities), and Notes.

Click Add to update the referral status (Site Administrators can populate this field on the Manage Feeder Tables page), enter a status date, and enter time spent on contact. Notes and a Date of Next Contact (which populates your To Do List) are optional. Click Add Details to add the information you have entered.

Utilizing this option on the View/Edit Referral feature is similar to Recording Efforts, as time spent is captured and progress can be tracked with the Referral Status field. For example, if a Participant is referred to a Service Provider, the original status may be “pending.” When she is accepted, her referral status can be updated from “pending” to “accepted.”

The Delete button within the Details section allows for details that have been added to be deleted (rather than deleting the entire referral record). If there are multiple details, there a delete button attached to each.


Through this section, you can edit Reason for Referral, Referral Date, Pending Drop Off Date, Release Participant Information, and Referral Notes. Edits will overwrite any existing data.


This allows you to completely delete any evidence that the referral record ever existed. Once deleted, this data cannot be retrieved without ordering a back-up tape, which will be billed to your organization.


Provides a Printable Summary Screen of all referrals pertaining to that participant.

Complete: Check off the box under Complete? to indicate that the referral is complete and no longer needs to show on the default active view. Remember to click Submit to Complete at the bottom of the page. There is a View All/View only Active toggle at the top of the page.

If the list contains more than 20 referrals, the display can be modified to show up to 50 per page. There are arrows to scroll through to additional pages, and a Go To Page # option as well.

The Show All Details button will open all referrals on the page at the same time.


Referral data populates the Review Participant Efforts report, Review My Efforts report, Review Staff Efforts report the Standard Report entitled Participant Referral List, as well as several other reports found on the Standard Reports page (including staff management reports).


There is one focus area dedicated to referral information. It includes the following data elements: Referral Status, Referral Status Date, Employer Entity Referrals, Service Provider Entity Referrals, Where Referral is From Program, Where Referral is To Program, Referral Dismissal Reason, Referral Date, Pending Drop Off Date, Release Client Information, Was Referral Accepted, Referral Notes, Reason for Rejection, Reason for Referral, Site Site Referrals Only, Site Referral Program, Referred by, Completed Referral, Time Spent on Contact.

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