The referral feature allows you to refer a Participant, multiple Participants, or an entity to another program or entity. Using referrals is a good way to track a Participant as they move through different programs in an Enterprise.

Note: If the desired program name is not available when making a referral please check the following:

  1. Is the Participant already enrolled in the desired program? You cannot send a referral to a program where the Participant already has an active enrollment.

  2. Is the program set to receive referrals? In Manage Programs each program has a "Accepts Referrals" checkbox that must be enabled.

  3. Is the Referral form set to send referrals to this program? Under the referral form settings, Manage Referral Destination Visibility allows for further control of where a referral form can be sent

  4. Is this a Site to Site referral? Check Manage Sites to ensure the Sites allow referrals to be accepted.

Sending a Referral

  1. On the Navigation Bar, click Referrals.

  2. Select Add Internal Referral.

3. Select the appropriate referral form from the drop-down.

4. Check the box next to the Participant(s) you are referring.

5. Click the Next button.

6. Fill in the Start Date for Multiple Participant Referrals

Note: For Single Participant Referrals the Start Date does not appear on the form. This is a known limitation. The Start Date will default to Today. If your organization needs to record back dated or future dated start dates, we recommend adding a required custom date object to the form.

7. Select the Services Needed if available.

  • Services Needed is a Referral Form Setting under Manage Referrals.

  • It is controlled by Feeder Table values to match Participant needs to program offerings.

8. Fill out the Referral Form.

9. Check the box next to the program(s) and/or entity(ies) that you would like to refer the Participant to.

For Multiple Participant Referrals select each Participants individual tab to note the program / entity they are going to.

10. Confirm the referral information and decide whether or not to dismiss the Participant from their current program.

14. Click the Confirm button.

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