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Internal Referrals and Sunsetting Legacy Referrals
Internal Referrals and Sunsetting Legacy Referrals
Updated over a week ago

As part of a larger initiative to bring Network Referrals into ETO, we’re taking the first step – saying good-bye to Legacy Referrals!

We’ll be closing the functionality gaps between old and new Internal Referrals and bringing everyone onto one capability.

We currently have multiple competing Referral capabilities existing in ETO, so the first step must be consolidating into one streamlined experience. This includes bringing families into Referrals. We will be keeping existing legacy reports for access to historical data.

We will be rolling out these exciting updates in a phased approach, beginning in Q2 2022. Your individual Customer Success Manager will be in touch regarding timing of these updates for your organization.

We encourage accounts to begin setting up New Referrals and implementing them in their organization.

If you have questions, comments, or concerns, please reach out to you Client Success team at !

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