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HMIS: Batch Upload: HUD Assessment Data
HMIS: Batch Upload: HUD Assessment Data
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Batch Uploading HMIS Data follows the same basic process as any other ETO Batch Upload, but you may find the complexity of the HUD Assessment TouchPoint requires some extra attention.

Step 1 – Generate a Batch Upload template for the HUD Assessment.

Step 2 – Remove unnecessary columns from the template.

We recommend taking a HUD Assessment for an adult head of household in the project you're uploading into to find out which elements should be included in the Batch Upload. Pay particular attention to the 3.917 Living Situation elements (see link below for more detailed instructions).

Step 3 – Enter your data into the template.

Be sure to include data in all required fields: 

  • Participant Identifier

  • First and Last Name

  • Site Name and Program Name

  • Response Date

  • Update or Insert: Put an I (capital i) for each row in the column to insert a new response for the client

  • Required HUD Assessment elements, including A-1 (At what point is this data being collected?) and A-3 (What is the client's relationship to the head of household?)

Step 4 – Upload your data

We recommend that you try a test upload with one or two rows of your data and check the resulting HUD Assessments before uploading your full set.

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