There are different ways to search in within ETO. 

Quick Search:

  • Available at the top of your ETO screen

  • A quick way for users to search for Participants/Entities/Groups/Families

  • Quick searches can be scoped by current Program, Site, and Enterprise (only applicable to Enterprise Managers) 

  • When searching by Site scope, results will return currently enrolled and dismissed Participants 

View/Edit (Participants/Entities/Referrals/Families):

  • Available on the Navigation Bar under the respective category

  • Program-specific search 

  • Disabling this feature from the Site Navigation will remove the ability to search Programs when using Quick Search. For example: If only View/Edit Participants is disabled, a user will only be able to search a Site for the Participants. They will still be able to search a Program for Entities.

Find Participant

  • Available on the Navigation Bar under "Participants" 

  • Site-wide search 

  • Includes active and dismissed Participants in results 

  • Click on Participant name and be directed to View Participant page 

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