Creating Custom Demographics
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ETO comes with a set of standard demographics that are hard-coded and cannot be modified. Your organization will most likely use some of those fields, and disable others. Custom demographics can be created based on your organization’s needs. Demographics have a scope, meaning they can be made specific to a single program, a collection of some programs, or for all programs in a site or enterprise.

To create a custom demographic:

  1. On the navigation bar, select Site Administration.

  2. Select Manage Demographics.

  3. At the top of the page, click the Add Demographic button.

  4. Name your demographic.

  5. Select the demographic type.

  6. Select the scope of your demographic. Remember: you can always scope up, but you cannot scope down.

  7. Add a description (similar to help text) to your demographic.

  8. Click Continue.

  9. The screen you are now directed to will vary depending on the demographic type you chose.

  10. Continue through the demographic wizard to add text or values as appropriate.

  11. Click Submit when you have completed your demographic.

  12. You will receive a pop up confirmation and be returned to the start of the wizard.

  13. From here you can create another demographic, or return to steps 1 - 2 to preview your new demographic.

NOTE: It is a best practice to give Custom Demographics unique names particularly to avoid Custom Demographics having the same name as a Standard Demographic. This includes Custom "Ethnicity" Demographics.

Is there a limit to the number of demographics I can have?

Only 100 demographics can be displayed in the user interface of the Manage Demographics page. This means that if the combination of Site and Enterprise scoped demographics exceeds this number, they will not be displayed on this page. Though you can create more than 100 demographics, we advise against this as it prevents you from being able to manage those that are not displayed. 

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