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Collections | Removing vs. Deleting Participants
Collections | Removing vs. Deleting Participants

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When you edit a Collection, you can click the X button to take a Participant out of the Collection. You will then be given a prompt asking if you want to "Remove" or "Delete" the Participant from the Collection.

  • Remove โ€“ the Participant will be taken out of the Collection. However, there will still be evidence in reporting that the Participant was previously in the Collection, including the date the Participant was removed from the Collection.

  • Delete โ€“ there will be no record of the Participant ever being in the Collection in reporting. However, deleting the Participant from the Collection will not delete their responses in Collection TouchPoints. You will need to delete those responses individually.

Note: When a Participant is dismissed from a Program, they are automatically removed from their active Collections in that Program.

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