With the 20.10.0 release, we have implemented an idea directly from our Ideas Portal! The Ideas Portal is a space that our Product Development regularly reviews for customer ideas on how to ETO even better. The following enhancement was submitted and voted for by customers, just like you.

The idea was to add a Participant Count to the Record TouchPoint page for Touchpoints that have multiple participant responses (such as Collections, Multiple Participants, or Family TouchPoints). Now, when you are recording a TouchPoint with multiple participants, there will be a total participant count at the top AND bottom of the page. It will update as you add or remove participants to the TouchPoint.

In addition, we have also a Participant Count column to the View/Edit TouchPoint page.

You can add or remove this column to the View/Edit TouchPoint page by going to the View Screen Only settings of the TouchPoint (under Manage TouchPoints > Question Settings > View Screen settings).

Select the Participant Count as a column choice.

Note: This column will only appear on group Touchpoint pages, such as View/Edit Collection Touchpoints or View/Edit Family Touchpoints, not on the View/Edit Touchpoints pages for individual participants or entities.

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