The Question Bank holds questions that can be used across multiple Touchpoints. 

Question bank elements can only be managed from inside the question bank. When an element is edited in the question bank, any TouchPoints containing the element will automatically reflect the change.

Managing the Question Bank

  1. On the navigation bar, click Site Administration.
  2. Select Question Bank.
  3. Click the New Question button at the top of the page.
  4. Select the element type for the question you wish to create.
  5. Your element creation options will differ depending on the element you choose.
  6. Add a tag at the bottom of the page to make it easier to search for your question.
  7. If you are an enterprise manager, you will have the option to set the scope to enterprise level. Otherwise the element will be automatically scoped to site level.
  8. Click Save.
  9. See a list of all Active Question Bank Elements
  10. Edit, Disable, Delete, and Copy Available from this Menu

Things to Note:

  • All element types except grids and page breaks are supported. 
  • When building an element in the Question Bank, all standard element attributes (pseudonym, required/not required, etc.) can be set. 
  • When working with the element in the TouchPoint, whether the element is required or not can be changed, everything else (answer choices, formatting, etc.) can only be managed from the Question Bank. 
  • There is the ability to set two additional attributes for question tag (which provides a quick filtering/sorting option) and whether the question should be enterprise-level. 
  • Questions can be backed up and restored via Back Up/Restore ETO Configuration. 

Adding Question's to Touchpoints

  1. Open the Site Navigation and go to Site Administration
  2. Click Manage Touchpoints
  3. Navigate to a new or existing TouchPoint
  4. Click "+ Add Question" inside of the Touchpoint
  5. On the "Select Element Type" list, select "Question Bank Element"

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