Release Notes | 20.43.0

Release Date: 6/16 (evening)

Updated over a week ago


This release includes high priority defect fixes in ETO, searching updates for Family Referrals, and the release of SSO for ETO (Version 1.2.0).


The following fixes are in this release:

Federated SSO is now available for all ETO Enterprises! To add Federated SSO, please reach out to ETO support via chat or email at For more information on how to set up and manage Federated SSO, please check this article.

ETOC-10456 Schedule Fix - Previously, in ETO schedule, names would be listed twice with one entry having the incorrect email. Now, names and emails appear appropriately.

ETOC-5185 Fix for Enrollment Settings Error - Previously, you could submit a touchpoint within a program where there was no current enrollment. Now, touchpoints are restricted appropriately based on the enrollment settings.

ETOC-10970 Fix for Multiple Family Internal Referrals View - Previously, when multiple families were selected for Referral, they appeared as one large family. Now, when multiple families are selected, they appear as multiple families.

ETOC-10974 Updates to Family Referral Rejections โ€“ Previously in Internal Referrals, when Reasons for Rejection are enabled in a site and a user goes to reject an entire family, only a single family member was rejected. Now, if you select the entire family for rejection, the individual rejection reason will apply to all. Each family member is also allowed to have individual rejection reasons.

ETOC-10966 When searching for Families to refer in Internal Referrals, you can now search by Last Name and Family ID.

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