Release Notes | 20.37.0

Release Date: 1/20/22

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This release includes high priority defect fixes and an ETO Schedule feature enhancement!


The following fixes are in this release:

  • ETOC-10625 – Previously, Workflows and Alerts would not be triggered when a Participant was enrolled through Intake forms in Connect. Now, Workflows and Alerts will properly be triggered when a participant is enrolled through Intake forms in Connect. This fix only affects Intake forms.

  • ETOC-10784 – Previously, when an end user tried to navigate to Family Program History in the Family Dashboard part, they would receive a robot error. With 20.36.0, we fixed some of the pathways for which this was occurring. Now, we have fixed all of these pathways and the dashboard part properly directs end users to the Family Program History.

  • ETOC-10782 – Previously, when an end user was attempting to update a Multiple Participant TouchPoint by removing a Participant, then they would receive an error message when saving. Now, end users can properly remove Participants from Multiple Participant TouchPoints and save.

  • ETOC-10753 - Previously, when an end user was viewing a previously recorded TouchPoint, the Response Cross Reference field would not display the full text, making it hard to read. Now, this element will resize to allow the end user to read the response.

  • ETOC-10739 – Previously, when using the “New” link in the side navigation bar, end users would receive an error. Now, end users can properly use the “New” link to add new participants without error.

  • ETOC-10646 – Previously, when using Housing Check In/Out, end users would receive an error when typing in a date in the format of DD/MM/YYYY, rather than DD/MM/YY. Now, end users can use either date format and the participant will be checked in with the correct data assigned.

  • ETOC-10735 – Previously, when end users would try to enroll a participant and the participant did not meet the eligibility requirements for the program, then the Participant Eligibility pop-up was cut off and an end user would not be able to click OK to enroll the participant. Now, the Participant Eligibility pop-up shows all text and end users can click OK to enroll a participant.

  • ETOC-10265 – Previously, on the Set Site Navigation Template page, an end user could not change a name in the Link or Category column. Now, end users are able to successfully edit the names on this page.

  • ETOC-9634 – Previously, for Legacy Referrals, the “Return to Dashboard” link would give a runtime error. Now, the “Return to Dashboard” link properly returns the end user to the Participant dashboard.

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