Release Notes | FY2023 LSA Report
Updated over a week ago

The FY2023 LSA report is now available. As of November 11, HUD has released new updates for the LSA that will need to be implemented. During this time, you may encounter flags related to these pending updates.

Please don't hesitate to reach out to the Support team with any questions or concerns.

The FY2024 Data Standard changes implemented include but are not limited to:

  • Emergency Shelter Project Types

  • RRH Project Subtype, a new LSA-specific Project Type value of 15 to represent RRH: Services Only (RRH-SO) projects

  • HMIS Participation (enrollments are included in the LSA regardless of Participation Status)

  • Race/Ethnicity and Gender are reported for all members of the household

  • Living Situation and Destination updates

  • PIT Count now includes SUD, SMI, and HIV data

  • LSAHousehold and LSAExit - new HHChronic values (4 & 9), new HHFleeingDV value (2)

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