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2022 Release Notes
Release Notes | Compliance Reporting 3.8.0
Release Notes | Compliance Reporting 3.8.0

Release Date: 3/10

Updated over a week ago


This release includes several enhancements and a defect fix related to HMIS reporting.


The following enhancements related to ETO HMIS reporting are in this release:

  • CREP-523 – For the Longitudinal Systems Analysis (LSA) report, we have added logic to the GeographyType crosswalk. Now, we have implemented logic to the LSA report that will automatically correct the GeographyType when that value is incorrect (based on HUD's crosswalk documentation) or empty. We have also added a table to the report output that will display to the end user the records that were corrected in this manner. Below is a screenshot of what the report output will now look like if discrepancies are found:


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  • CREP-493 – The Point In Time (PIT) report has been updated to match the FY 2022 standards. For more information, please see HUD’s documentation.

  • CREP-406 – For the Coordinated Entry Annual Performance Report (CE APR), we have implemented logic to produce an error message when there are no organizations/projects that meet the criteria to report on. The report will not run if there are no organizations or projects to report on. Below is a screenshot of the error message that will now be produced:

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We also fixed the following defect:

  • CREP-522 – Previously, for APR Q27f the report was not counting participants properly. Now, participants are counted on their respective exit destinations if they classify as a youth >= 12 <= 24 years of age.

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