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Release Notes | 20.33.0

Release Date: 10/28

Updated over a week ago


This release includes high priority defect fixes.


The following fixes are in this release:

  • ETOC-10459 – Previously, the View/Edit Entity page was not loading entities when “Is Individual” was marked. Now, View/Edit Entity properly loads all entities.

  • ETOC-10200 – Previously, an end user could not dismiss an entity from the View/Edit Entity page when they were in any browser other than Internet Explorer. Now, end users can properly dismiss entities from View/Edit Entity in any browser.

The following fixes related to the 2022 HMIS Data Standards Updates were also released:

  • ETOC-10639 – Previously, Mental Health responses were not populating the Disability Type column in the Disabilities.csv. Now, Mental Health responses properly populate the Disabilities.csv.

  • ETOC-10635 – Previously, the new HouseholdID was 36 characters long, as it included dashes from the GUID. Now, we have updated the HouseholdID to properly match HUD’s standards of a 32-character string.

  • ETOC-10634 – Previously, the Ethnicity demographic was still on the 2020 standards. We have updated the demographic to be as follows:

    0 – Non-Hispanic/Latin(a)(o)(x)

    1 – Hispanic/Latin(a)(o)(x)

  • ETOC-10629 – Previously, children HouseholdIDs that were not associated with the Head of Household HouseholdID were showing in the Enrollment.csv. Now, only the correct children HouseholdIDs will be associated with the Head of Household in the Enrollment.csv.

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