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Linking Reports - Prompt Based (Dynamic)

To link and complete prompts between one report and another, a hyperlink is set based on some object which is selected in the first report and prompted for in the linking report.

The receiving document must have a prompt that matches the link object in the main document. The important thing is that the Participant Site Identifier/Subject ID (the linking object) is set to a prompt; the wording of the prompt is not important.

Setting up the reports

  1. Create a report with a prompt to which you'd like to link to (Report #2)

  2. Set the prompt that will match an object retrieved in the primary report. In our example, we are prompting Participant Site Identifier

  3. Open the report where you wish to create the hyperlink (Report #1).
    The object used as the linking value must match in both reports. In the case of Participant Site Identifier or Subject ID, the comma must first be removed from the value. This can be done using the formula to create a variable:
    =FormatNumber([Participant Site Identifier];"#")

  4. In the first report, the Participant Site Identifier will be used as the linkage between reports. The idea is that the linking report includes a prompt based on this object. This object is what the hyperlink will be built on.

Creating the hyperlink

  1. Select the column/cell of the object the hyperlink will be built on > right-click > Hyperlink > Add Hyperlink...

  2. Browse for the report that you want to link to

  3. Check off using the complete URL path, and then select Customize URL Parameters (Parse)

  4. Analyze the Document

  5. Check off the option to enter a value for the mandatory prompt and hit OK

  6. Set to Refresh on Open, and in the drop down for Prompt, choose the object that will fill the prompt. In this case, the variable that removes the comma from the Participant Site Identifier

  7. After selecting OK, a hyperlink should now be created in the column, and when in reading mode, can be clicked on to open the second report specific to the participant's site identifier.

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