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HMIS: Checking Relationship to Head of Household
HMIS: Checking Relationship to Head of Household

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It is important to correctly set a Head of Household for any Participant's given enrollment with other members of the Household.

This data is set through the HUD Assessment done at Project Start, on question A-4.

Having more than one participant marked as Self (head of household) for any given household's enrollment will cause issues. This can be verified manually in two different ways:

Checking the HUD Assessments

Each individual household member that shares the enrollment in the program can have their individual HUD Assessments checked to ensure that only one participant is marked as Self (head of household).

This process can be time consuming as it involves going through each response to ensure that only one is set.

Checking CSV Files

A data pull can be started for the given project that you wish to check a household for. We highly recommend including readable files for ease of identifying any given participant in the CSV files that are generated in the data pull.

Once the CSV file has processed, you can proceed to download the data pull entirely, or simply download any given file from within the data pull. For this case, we are interested in Enrollment.csv, or preferably, EnrollmentReadable.csv.
โ€‹Note: The difference between a non-readable file and readable files is that readable files include identifying information such as the participant's First and Last Name next to their Enrollment ID and Personal ID.

From within the EnrollmentReadable.csv file, press CTRL + F and search for a participant by either their first name or last name. Once the participant has been identified, right click on their Household ID, and select Filter > Filter by Selected Cell's Value.

This allows us to see all participants that are in the Household for any given household enrollment. From here, we can go ahead and verify that only one participant is marked as "Self (head of household)" under the Relationship to Head of Household column.

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