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HMIS: Missing Household ID Errors
HMIS: Missing Household ID Errors

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If an error is received that indicates a Participant is missing a Household ID, the following steps can be taken to check for the cause of the issue:

  1. From the Navigation Bar, click "Reports".

  2. Click "Manage Data Pulls".

  3. Find the Data Pull with the matching Export ID which has the missing Household ID error.

  4. From the "Take Action" column, click "Open".

  5. From the list of Files, click on the file that is receiving the error for missing Household ID.
    Note: EnrollmentReadable.csv gives the Participant's name while also showing their HouseholdID. If your Data Pull does not have readables, you can cross reference from Enrollment.csv to Client.csv by using the affected Participant's PersonalID.

  6. Click "Download" in the bottom left.

  7. Open the file and search for the Participant that is causing the error. Finding the Participant can be done in multiple ways, one being a simple filter by value of cell on the "HouseholdID" column by right clicking the first row of the column, and then going to Filter > Filter by Selected Cell's Value.

  8. Now that the Filter has been added, you can click on the button that appears on the right side of the column, next to "HouseholdID" From here, you can select "Blank" to show any rows that contain a blank HouseholdID.

  9. If there are any Participants that appear after the Household ID column has been filtered to blank, then the issue has been confirmed and can now be solved in ETO. However, if no Participants appear, then this was a False Positive.

  10. Returning to ETO, we can now search for the affected Participant, and access their Dashboard.

  11. From their Dashboard, find and click on Family Program History

    Note: If a Participant is not in a family, please add them to a family, as all Participants must be part of a household.

  12. From this page, ensure that the participant's enrollment is linked to their family enrollment by having a checkmark. Once the checkmark has been added, please scroll down and click Save.

    Note: If the checkmark is already present, please remove it, click save, add the checkmark again, and then click save in order to toggle it.

    Note: If you do not see a checkbox here, you can enable it by going to Site Administration > Manage My Site (NEW). Once here, you can go to the "Miscellaneous Settings" tab, and enable "Enforce HMIS validation rules for TouchPoints and Enrollments". The below screenshot shows the setting disabled for reference.

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