Users can refine the data set returned within a report by using the Filter tools within the Edit View. Below are the types of filters:

Report Filters

Applied to a single report tab. They are similar to Query Filters but that you cannot prompt on them.

Input Controls

A flexible way to allow end Users to filter reports. Unlike Simple Filters, the look, feel, and operation of these filters can be customized. Input Controls can be applied to individual report pages or the whole document.

Creating Report Filters

Step 1 – Click the table that needs the filter

Step 2 – Click into the Report Element Data panel

Step 3 – Select the Filter icon

Step 4 – Drag an object or variable from the available objects into the drop box

Step 5 – To define the filter, click the desired value, or the gear icon for the settings

If Settings is chosen, choose the preferred Operator and any other requirements. Once set, hit the back button in the top left corner.

Step 7 – Click OK.
Step 8 - To remove a filter select the X icon in the filter box


Filters can also be access by right clicking in the column that needs the filter, and selecting Data > Add Filter

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