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BO 4.3 Platform

Updated over a week ago

Drill Filters are similar to previous Simple Filters but with expanded functionality.

To turn on the option to Drill, select the three buttons under Analyze, and choose the check box for Drill

Once the drill is enabled, you can now select what to filter on. If there are different folder objects present in the query, they will be broken up into separate folders:

Once you select the object you want to filter on, you can only select a single data point of the available options. For example, if you are filtering on an object that pulls dates, you are only able to choose a single date, if the object is a participant's name, you can only choose a single participant.

Additionally, there is a pre-defined cell named Drill Filter. Adding this to the report inserts an individual cell that shows what the Drill Filter is being filtered on.

If a second drill filter is added, it can only be filtered on the data present in the report, and it will be added to the cell if that is also in the report:

Drill filters can work additionally with Input Controls, however, selectable data for the drill filter won't be limited by the input control. This means the report could be filtered to show no data at all.

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