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With the new ETO Schedule feature, a few steps are needed to access that data for Results Reporting purposes.

Make or edit a participant-based custom universe.

A new focus area is now available to add to any participant-focused custom universe.

Once the new or edited custom universe has been flattened, the data will now be available to report on.

Available Schedule Data

Note: Some adjustments need to be made for objects like Appointment Start/End Time to include the date and time using the option to Format Number.

The data available to report on in the Schedule Folder of the custom universe includes:

  • Appointment Start Times & End Times (includes the date)

  • Appointment Descriptions

  • Appointment Locations

  • Staff Information

Adjusting the Start and End Times

Because our reporting servers operate on GMT, it will be necessary to adjust the Appointment Start Time and Appointment End Time objects via a variable. Use the following variables, adjusting the subtraction amount by your time zone (example variable is adjusted for Central Time), and adjusting again with Format Number.

Adjusted Start Time:

=RelativeDate([Appointment Start Time]; -5; HourPeriod)

Adjusted End Time:

=RelativeDate([Appointment End Time]; -5; HourPeriod)

Formatting Number

  1. Select a cell within the date/time column you want to adjust.

  2. Right-click and select Format Display

  3. Select the desired Date and Time format

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