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BO 4.3 Platform

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Entity-specific Universes can be created to report on Entity TouchPoints, Entity Attributes, Entity Program Enrollment, and much more.

Create a custom Universe subject area = Entity

Contact Information Limitations

When adding contact Information to a custom Entity Query, Entities without contacts will automatically be excluded from your Query results (an inner join).

Workaround 1: Use the Standard Entity Universe to avoid this inner join

Workaround 2: Create a second Query using either your custom Entity Universe or a standard Entity Universe to bring in the contact objects. Create merge dimensions for the contact information.

  1. Create Query 1 with Entity Site ID, Entity information, and/or TouchPoint information

  2. Create Query 2 with Entity Site ID and any necessary Entity Contact information

  3. Merge Entity Site ID from Query 1 and Query 2

  4. Create Merge Dimensions for objects like Contact Name, Contact Email, Contact Address

  5. Include these variables in any of your tables to bring in the Entity's contact information

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