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Custom Universes can be used to pull in a select group of objects into ETO to fit your reporting needs. Whether that be flattened TouchPoints or demographics mixed with family information, Program enrollment information, and much more, a custom Universe can be used in place of standard Universes that have been provided to allow you to report on specific data from one source.

NOTE: As a reminder, we recommend as a best practice to never delete a touchpoint when it is included in a custom universe. This can cause various issues and errors in a report using said custom universe.

Steps to build Custom Universes.

NOTE: The maximum number of Custom Universes that can be created for a single Enterprise is 200 Universes.

  1. Open the Navigation Bar in ETO

  2. Select Reports

  3. Select Manage Report Universes

4. Click Build New Universe
5. Select a Subject Area from the drop-down menu

  • Only one subject area can be selected for each Universe

  • Participant Universe types are based off of Participants, and the most common Universe type

  • Entity Universe types will only pull Entity TouchPoints and information

  • General TouchPoints can only be reported on by using a GENERIC Universe type.

  • Program Universe types are based off of Program information

  • Family Universe types will only pull Family TouchPoints and information

  • Family and Program Universes are very rare, and the information of either can also be found in a Participant Universe when including Family and Program information

6. Click Next
7. Select your Focus Area

  • Multiple focus areas can be chosen (if available)

  • Focus areas provide additional information about the selected subject area

  • When a focus area is selected, it appears in the table on the right: "This Universe contains the following focus areas"

8. Click the check box: "Include Flattened Participant Demographics in this Universe" (if available) to include flattened Participant demographics in the Universe objects.
9. At the bottom select no more than 20* TouchPoints and/or Collection Types to be included
*Note: The more flattened TouchPoints that are added to the Universe, the slower the report will run.

10. Once all of the focus areas have been selected, click Next.
11. Give the Universe a Unique Name and if you choose, a Universe Description.
*Note: You cannot have two custom Universes with the same exact name.
12. Optional: Check the box “This Universe should be available across the Enterprise.” If not checked, the Universe will only be available in the Site it is created in.
13. Click Save.
14. Your new Universe will begin the process of flattening/refreshing after saving, and will then be available for use in ETO Results Reports.

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