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ETO Results | Standard Universes

BO 4.3 Platform

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  • Standard Entity Universe
    contains Entity ID and Objects, Assessments, Referrals (Legacy only), Point of Service Efforts, Program Enrollment, Groups, Universe Dimensions

  • Standard Programs Universe
    contains Program ID, Assessments, Points of Service Efforts, Program Capacity, Services Provided, Universe Dimensions

  • Standard Reference Universe
    contains Subject ID, and mostly ID information for objects in ETO (Sites, Programs, Demographics, Assessments, Points of Service, TouchPoints, Workflows), and some Staff information

  • Standard Survey Universe
    contains Objects related to Survey Assessments; does not contain any Subject information

  • Standard Schedule Universe
    contains Objects for the Schedule feature in ETO

  • Standard Family Universe
    contains Participant and Family ID, Program Enrollments, Assessments, Points of Service Efforts, Referrals (Legacy)

  • Standard Staff Universe
    contains Staff ID and Objects for information found in Manage User Accounts (User role, Caseload information, login data)

  • Standard Workflow Universe
    contains Workflow Objects, Subject ID, Universe dimensions

  • Standard TouchPoint Settings Universe

    contains the security, conditional rule, calculation, and setting objects for TouchPoints

  • Reference - (Just has structure info, good for reference)

Universe Dimensions are available in many Universes for different date types (today, this month, last month, etc.).

Note: The only Standard Universe that will display Participant information is the "Standard Participant Universe" and the "Standard TouchPoint Universe NEW".

Custom Universe

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