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ETO Results | Reporting on Alerts
ETO Results | Reporting on Alerts

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ETO Results has a standard (unflattened) universe that includes objects for generating data from Alerts. It is called the Standard Alerts Universe.

The Alerts folder includes the following objects:

  • Alert Unique Identifier: ID for the Alert

  • Alert Name

  • Is Disabled?: Yes or No value

  • Audit StaffID: ID of user who created the Alert

  • Audit Staff Name: Name of user who created the Alert

  • Audit Date: Date alert was created

The Alert Settings folder includes objects based on the settings of the alerts, which can be found in Manage Alerts. You can see data for the trigger conditions, including ID and Name; the date the settings were most recently changed in addition to who made the change (Alert Settings. Audit Staff Name); the site(s) and program(s) where the alert is available, along with IDs for each Alert.

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