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BO 4.3 Platform

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For example, a Staff User might have exclusive access to Program A and access to the Participant "Joe Fake" who is enrolled in Program A. Joe Fake has been enrolled in Program A, Program B, and Program C.

In some cases, Users may see Program A, B, and C when prompted for Program Name on a Report.

*Although they can select other Programs they will still only see Participant data for Participants they have access to in ETO.

If this is the case, a simple Program Name Re-Query can be built to exclude the other Program Names from appearing.

  1. Create a Second Query from the Standard Program Universe

  2. Chose Program Name from the Program Identity folder as the object and the Query Filter.

  3. Set the Query Filter to Prompt for Program Name

4. Apply Changes and Close.

5. Re-open Query Panel and Return to Query 1 and Add Program Name to the Filters
6. Choose Results from another query

7. Choose Program Name

8. Run the Query

The Prompt comes from the Standard Program Universe which only reflects the Programs the User has access to in the UI. If we use the Program Name from the first query to prompt, we may see that staff Users have extra Programs from Programs where their Participants have data.

This re-query is best implemented to help end users run reports without the added confusion of seeing extra Program names.

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