ETO Results | Pre-Defined Cells

BO 4.3 Platform

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In the toolbar, under the Insert tile is the Insert Cell dropdown.

Blank Cell: Creates an empty cell where any text or formula can be typed. Here you can add an additional title or description for the report, or add in an easier-to-read version of some of the filters below.

Drill Filters: Displays information on the drill filters utilized in the report. Note that nothing will show in this cell if a specific data point is not being filtered on (i.e. all values selected). Defines for users what they’re filtering on. Helps users understand what the drop-down boxes are at the top of the page (Learn how to set up Drill Filters here)

Query Summary: Provides information on the query/queries used in the report including the universe used, the last refresh date for the data, the data elements returned and the number of rows returned. This is good for users to understand exactly what is being pulled in the report since some column headers can be renamed.

Prompt Summary: Displays information completed by the user in the prompt window. Very helpful! This option wasn’t available in the query wizard. Lets users double-check and remind themselves of the options they filtered on

Report Filter Summary: Displays information on all filters included in the report, both simple and global. Lets users see what is being filtered on “behind the scenes”. Any global filters that the report builder put in place will be shown in this free-standing cell.

Page Number Cells: Provide a variety of ways to display page numbers on the report The page number/total page option because it encourages users to realize that there’s more information on the following pages (sometimes people tend to forget this).

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