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ETO Results | Remap Report to a Different Universe
ETO Results | Remap Report to a Different Universe

BO 4.3 Platform

Updated over a week ago

Remapping a report to a new Universe allows you to include additional information in your report and to improve report performance. Remapping can also be used to move a report from a test environment to a live environment and change functional areas with the same data sources.

For example, if Universes A and B both include data sources for Participant information and TouchPoint details, but Universe B also includes Collection data, the report can be remapped to Universe B so that the Collection data is included in the report.

Step 1 – From the Report Design view, click the 3-dot icon under the Data tab, and choose Change Source.

Step 2 – Choose the Query that needs to be remapped, and hit "OK".

Step 3 – Select the "Specify a new data source" radio button and select "Universe" from the drop-down menu.

Step 4 – Select the name of the Universe you would like to remap your report to and then click "OK".

Step 5 – Click "Next".

Step 6 – On the next page, you can select the re-map strategy. The following is recommend:

Step 7 – Ensure that the Source fields on the left match the appropriate Target fields on the right.

Step 8 – Remove any unnecessary fields in the Source by clicking the menu icon on the right of the field in the Target column. Or choose the proper object in the new universe to replace the old object.

Step 9 – Selecting "Removal" in the "Search by applying a strategy" drop-down menu. Click "OK".

Step 10 – Once all fields have been properly matched or removed, click "Finish" to re-map.

Step 11 – Click Save to save your newly mapped report.

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