Release Notes | 20.41.0

Release Date: 5/5/22

Updated over a week ago


This release includes high priority defect fixes.


The following fixes are in this release:

ETOC-10772 Fix for Take New TouchPoint Availability - Previously, the “Take New” link was available for disabled TouchPoints. Now, once a TouchPoint is disabled, the Take New link is not available as expected.

ETOC-10751 Fix for View Pending Referrals with Future Start Dates Missing Info - Previously, when a Referral entry was given a future start date, the Participant information did not appear correctly on the View Pending Referrals page. Now, the information is appearing as expected.

ETOC-10095 Referral Participant Future Start Date + Auto-Accept Enrollment Fix - Previously, if a Participant was Auto Accepted with a Future Start Date in Referrals, it prevented Enrollment automatically. Now, a Participant is enrolled with a Start Date that matches the Future Start Date on the Referral.

ETOC-10894 Linking Family Enrollments Legacy Referrals – Previously, Participant new enrollments were not linking to their Families in Legacy Referrals. Now, Participants are being linked to their expected Family during a Referral.

Canada Only: ETOC-7596 Updating Family TouchPoints with Batch Upload - Previously, Responses could not be updated through Batch Upload for Families. Now, responses are updated for Families in Batch Upload according to the security settings.

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