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Release Notes | 20.36.0

Release Date: 1/6/22

Updated over a week ago


This release includes high priority defect fixes and an ETO Schedule feature enhancement!


The following fixes are in this release:

  • ETOC-10252 – Previously, when navigating to the Manage Sites page, the page would only load in Internet Explorer. Now, the page properly loads in all browsers.

  • ETOC-9575 – Previously, when an organization had the setting "Allow family members to be added on the Add Participant Screen" turned on and an end user navigated to the View/Edit Participant page and edited a participant, the end user would be required to add a family member before saving the participant again. Now, organizations can have the setting turned on and can properly save a participant from the View/Edit Participant page without being required to add a family member.

  • ETOC-10738 – Previously, when an end user tried to navigate to Family Program History in the Family Dashboard part, they would receive a robot error. Now, the dashboard part properly directs end users to the Family Program History.

The following fixes related to the 2020 HMIS Data Standards Updates will also be released:

  • ETOC-10685 – Previously, the new 2022 Ethnicity and Gender values were not being accounted for in the Data Validation Report, meaning that some participants were showing as having no Ethnicity or Gender recorded when they did have those values recorded. Now, the Data Validation Report properly looks at the new 2022 Ethnicity and Gender values and will properly pull back participants that do not have values recorded.

  • ETOC-10673 – Previously, for some participants, the Data Validation Report was showing that the participant was missing a Head of Household, despite the participant having “Self (head of household)” recorded in the HUD Assessment. Now, the Data Validation Report has been updated to match the 2022 HUD Standards wherein it no longer enforces date range checks (see HMIS Data Standards Section 3.15) and Participants that do not have any Head of Households OR have multiple Head of Households.

  • ETOC-10732 – Previously, for certain clients, the Assessment.csv was pulling back empty rows and were not properly pulling in data. Now, the Assessment.csv properly pulls in data.

  • ETOC-10683 – Previously, the VAMCStation column is not in the expected location in between IncarceratedParent and TargetScreenReqd columns. Now, IncarceratedParent, VAMCStation, TargetScreenReqd, and TimeToHousingLoss should be the correct order as per HUD’s specifications.

Feature Enhancements

We are implementing new functionality within ETO Schedule (My Calendars). You can now type in the date and time of your appointment, as opposed to only choosing through the Date/Time Availability Viewer! This will help individuals who feel more comfortable typing in their date and time, and it will assist organizations with multi-day/multi-week appointments. Check out the new feature below!

First click “Add Appointment” in the My Calendars section of ETO Schedule. Now, within the “When?” section of adding an appointment, end users will see two different options.

  • “Select Date/Time From Availability Viewer – This will allow an end user to visually see the availability of the attendees and select a date and time from the Date/Time Availability Viewer. This is what ETO Schedule has had from the beginning.

  • Type in Date/Time – This will allow end users to type in the date and select the time of an appointment, as well as choose if this is an all-day event (which will automatically set the time from midnight-midnight). This is especially beneficial if an organization has multi-day or multi-week appointments.

Graphical user interface, application

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Graphical user interface, application

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  • Note: You are not able to add appointments from the past or occurring in the past at this time.

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