Release Notes | 20.35.0

Release Date: 12/9

Updated over a week ago


This release includes high priority defect fixes.


The following fixes are in this release:

  • ETOC-10467 – Previously, in our Australian environments, the Participant date of birth was in conflicting formats on the Participant Dashboard and the View/Edit Participant page. The format was not the same in both places, leading to user confusion. Now, the Participant Dashboard and the View/Edit Participant both use the same, correct format for our Australian users.

  • ETOC-10365 – Previously, the Recent Referrals (NEW) dashboard part was missing the “Take Action” icons; they were invisible. Now, the dashboard part properly shows the “Take Action” icons.

  • ETOC-9574 – Previously, the “Take New” link on TouchPoints was not available when Completion Restrictions were set to 1 time per program enrollment, and the participant has multiple program enrollments. Now, the “Take New” link appears when Completion Restrictions are active but not met.

  • ETOC-9319 – Previously, some custom CSS in Dashboard Messages were not properly rendering in Internet Explorer. Now, the CSS properly renders.

  • ETOC-9085 – Previously, when a user updated a choice demographic from the View/Edit Participant page, the value that shows on the Participant dashboard was actually your first choice instead of the updated choice that was selected on the View/Edit page. Now, it properly shows the same updated value on the View/Edit page as well as the dashboard.

  • ETOC-9848 – Previously, the Set Site Navigation Template was in the incorrect layout. Now, it has been properly realigned and is in the correct layout.

The following fixes related to the Mobile ETO functionality were released:

  • ETOC-10721 – Previously, the View/Edit Families: Concurrent Family Enrollment pop-up was showing up too small to read the message. Now, the pop-up is the proper size and can be read by users.

The following fixes related to the ETO Schedule functionality were released:

  • ETOC-10293 – Previously, the there was an error when trying to use Schedule in AUS/NZ time zones. Now, users can properly use Schedule in AUS/NZ time zones.

  • ETOC-10189 – Previously, Schedule appointments were duplicated on the calendar and could not be deleted in Gmail. Now, Schedule will only show the event on the primary calendar if there are multiple Google calendars associated to the account.

  • ETOC-10002 – Previously, All-Day events in Schedule were showing as 7pm-7pm, instead of 12am-12pm. Now, they properly show as 12am-12pm.

  • ETOC-10423 – Previously, the Secondary Identifier Search selection on the Manage Schedule page did not work in that it did not properly bring back results when adding an appointment based on that secondary identifier. Now, when adding an appointment for a participant, results are properly populated with that secondary identifier.

The following fixes related to the 2020 HMIS Data Standards Updates were released:

  • ETOC-10705 – Previously, RHY programs would have empty rows in the Date Of BCP Status & Eligible For RHY columns in the HMIS data pull. Now, the columns properly populate with data.

  • ETOC-10678 – Previously, the Health Pseudonyms/Option had incorrect verbiage for Questions A-250, 251, 256, and 257. Now, the pseudonyms have been properly updated to:

    • Question A-250: Pseudonym: 4.09.2_MentalHealthDisorder

    • Question A-251: Pseudonym: 4.09.2-A_MentalHealthDisorderLongDuration

    • Question A-256: Pseudonym: 4.10.2_SubstanceUseDisorder

    • Question A-257: Pseudonym: 4.10.2-A_SubstanceUseDisorderLongDuration

  • The option verbiage has been updated to:

    • 2 Alcohol use disorder

    • 3 Drug use disorder

    • 4 Both alcohol and drug use disorders

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