Release Notes | 20.38.0

Release Date: 2/3

Updated over a week ago


This release includes high priority defect fixes.


The following fixes are in this release:

  • ETOC-10781 – Previously when using the Save Collection Response API call (Touchpoint.svc/SaveCollectionResponse), the questions set to capture responses for multiple subjects in Collections were blank in the user interface. Now, responses will properly populate with data in the user interface.

  • ETOC-6224 – Previously, when a user account was disabled from Manage User Accounts, StaffActivies.AuditStaffID would not update and therefore one could not audit the changes. Now, StaffActivies.AuditStaffID will update upon disabling an account.

  • ETOC-10765 – Previously, for the HMIS template, Questions R7, R8, R9 -95 were not available to take for the PSH funding source, as they were on Page #3 (RHY/SSVF Information). Now Questions R7-R9 are on Page 1, and they will still all show for the specified RHY programs. R7 will show for Permanent Supportive Housing and HUD/VASH, and R8 and R9 will show for HUD/VASH as well as the RHY ones, but NOT for Permanent Supportive Housing.

  • ETOC-10764 – Previously when Participants were referred and enrolled through the Bed Registry functionality, they would not have their new enrollments automatically checked on the Program Enrollment History page. Now, the Participants that are referred and enrolled through the Bed Registry functionality will have their new enrollments automatically checked.

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