Release | 20.25.2
Date 6/25/2021
Updated over a week ago


This release will include several defect fixes.


The following fixes will be in this release:

  • ETOC-10339: Previously, GET /API/Form.svc/Forms/Program/GetPrograms/{SiteId} would return null data for fields with data. Now, the call properly returns data.

  • ETOC-10335: Previously, when an end user would search using Record TouchPoint fields in Internet Explorer, they would not be able to see the typed text. Now, the search text is properly visible in Internet Explore.

  • ETOC-10295: Previously, clients were reporting that the following areas had poor contrast: Recent Referrals (NEW), Recent Alerts, My Caseloads, and Staff Caseloads dashboard parts, as well as the headings for Quicksearch. In addition, the Quicksearch results text was smaller than desired. Now, we have updated the contrast on these dashboard parts and in the Quicksearch headings, as well as enlarged the text for Quicksearch results.

  • ETOC-10078: Previously, HMIS Data Pulls were occasionally not matching the Enrollment with the correct Family ID. Now, we have added a new “Enroll” checkbox on the Family Program History page, in order to empower organizations to choose the correct enrollment for a family. This is due to the fact that a participant’s enrollment may be linked to multiple families. Organizations now have the power to ensure that participants are not in multiple families per an enrollment in a program.

    • NOTE: In order to see the new checkboxes, you will need to have the HMIS Validation setting turned on. This setting is under Site Administration > Manage My Site (NEW) > Miscellaneous Settings > “Enforce HMIS Validation rules for TouchPoints and Enrollments”.

Upcoming: New ETO Schedule

Release Date: 6/30/2021

Introducing ETO Schedule! ETO Schedule is redefining how appointments are created and conducted in your day-to-day operations. With this brand-new integration, you’ll be able to eliminate the pain of double-data entry and schedule appointments directly through ETO.

This is only available to Touchpoint Enterprises. Legacy ETO clients should contact their account managers ( ) if they would like to add ETO Schedule.

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