Release Notes | 20.6.1

Released 3/24/2020 #releasenotes

Updated over a week ago


This release includes the first release of rewritten, browser neutral pages, as well as several high priority defect fixes.


For this release, the following features have been rewritten so that all of their associated pages are browser neutral:

  • Contacts - View/Edit/Add Contact

  • TouchPoints

  • Manage Attributes

  • Manage Demographics

  • Quick Search

  • Home Page


The following fixes are in this release:

  • ETOC-7055 - TouchPoints: Identifier Repeating in Different Responses

  • ETOC-7213 - Referrals: Multiple referrals with dismissal creates duplicate enrollment

  • ETOC-7755 - ETO: Referrals (NEW): Referral Report Not Working

  • ETOC-8290 - Cannot Enroll or Dismiss participants before 1/1/1980

  • ETOC-8980 - HMIS Data Pull: Project.csv (Services Only) null Residential Affiliation

  • ETOC-9006 - Replicated Touchpoints: Errors in saving data on replicated forms

  • ETOC-9009 - HMIS Data Pull Household ID for dependents not populating properly


  • This is the first release of rewritten, browser-neutral pages for ETO.ย 

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