FAQs | 2021 ETO Rebrand
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20.50.0 User Interface Update: ETO has a brand new look! We want to constantly be improving the experience for end users so that you can have a consistent experience across all channels. Now whether you are interacting with any of our products, receiving emails from us, or browsing our website, you will have a unified user experience.

There will be no opt-in period because this will not affect any functionality.

This release will not include updates to all of ETO.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Does ETO still work with JAWS?

    Yes, our team has ensured that JAWS still functioned within the ETO rebrand.

  2. Some pages in ETO still show the old branding and coloring, is this expected?

    Yes, our team is working to make all the colors in ETO on brand. Within this first release we prioritized the most important and most utilized parts of ETO. Future updates will address other pages.

  3. Will any of the HTML CSS ID/Class tags be changing?

    No, HTML changes were very minimal, except on the ETO login page. Some CSS tags were updated, however we tested many of our standard dashboard messages and homepages before this release and do not believe this will have a major impact on customers.

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