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GIS Coordinate is a TouchPoint element that may be added to a TouchPoint to get the precise location of an individual or services in the field. In reporting, these coordinates can help display data in maps!

Note: GIS Coordinates are not compatible with Batch Upload.

Related Releases: 20.22.1 and 20.22.0

Adding and Taking GIS Coordinates in TouchPoints

Step 1: Add the element to a TouchPoint

Step 2: Name the element

Note: This element will store the GIS coordinates (longitude and latitude) of the device taking the TouchPoint, if available.

Step 3: Take or Preview the Touchpoint

Step 4: Select Update Coordinates and see Pop-Up to Allow Location Services

Step 5: Allowing location services will allow the longitude and latitude to populate.

Note: GIS Coordinates can be added to Intake Forms and TouchPoints used in Connect to take data from participants using Connect!

Reporting on GIS Coordinates

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