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GIS Coordinate is a new TouchPoint element that may be added to a touchpoint to get the precise location of an individual or services in the field. When used in reporting, these coordinates can help display location data on maps. With a combination of variables, it's easy to add a geo chart to your reports.

Related Releases: 20.22.1 and 20.22.0

Reporting GIS Coordinantes with Flattened TouchPoint Data

Step 1: Add GIS Coordinates question object to report

Step 2: Add Longitude and Latitude variables

Note: Make sure to change the object names as needed.

  • For Longitude: =ToNumber(Right([Coordinate Object_XX]; Length([Coordinate Object_XX])-Pos([Coordinate Object_XX];",") ))

  • For Longitude: =ToNumber(Left([Coordinate Object_XX]; Pos([Coordinate Object_XX];",") -1 ))

Step 3: Edit GIS Question Object as Geography

Right click on the question object for the option to Edit as a Geography, and add the appropriate variables.

*Note: Any changes to the query will reset the Edit as a Geography option of any objects.

Step 4: Add the chart to your report

Step 5: Assign Data to chart

Reporting GIS Coordinantes with Unflattened TouchPoint Data

Step 1: Add [Question] and [Answer] objects to your report if they are not already present

Step 2: Flatten the TouchPoint question

Use the following formula:

=[Answer] Where ([Question]="Insert Question Here")

*Make sure you have quotes around the Question name.

Step 3: Create Longitude and Latitude variables using the new flattened TouchPoint variable

Use the same formulas as listed above when using flattened TouchPoint data. Replace the object names appropriately.

Step 4: Edit Flattened TouchPoint variable as Geography

Apply the appropriate variables as listed above.

Step 5: Add the chart and assign the data

Formatting the geo chart

If left as is, the geo chart will be zoomed in close enough to only show the furthest coordinate locations.

In order to show more details in your geo chart, it will have to be formatted as needed.

Step 1: Format Chart Plot Area

Step 2: Select Use Manual Range and apply coordinates

Note: The listed coordinates here will show the continental United States of America. It can show as much or as little as you like.

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