New Feature: GIS Coordinates!
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GIS Coordinate is a new touchpoint element that may be added to a touchpoint to get the precise location of an individual or services in the field. In reporting, these coordinates can help display data in maps!

Note: GIS Coordinates are not compatible with Batch Uploading

Related Releases: 20.22.1 and 20.22.0

Adding and Taking GIS Coordinates in Touchpoints

Step 1: Add the element to a Touchpoint

Step 2: Name the element

Note: This element will store the GIS coordinates (longitude and latitude) of the device taking the TouchPoint, if available.

Step 3: Take or Preview the Touchpoint

Step 4: Select Update Coordinates and see Pop-Up to Allow Location Services

Step 5: Allowing location services will allow the longitude and latitude to populate.

Note: GIS Coordinates can be added to Intake Forms and Touchpoints used in Connect to take data from participants using Connect!

Reporting on GIS Coordinates

This video is from SAP BusinessObjects. Some functions or displays may differ in ETO Results.

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