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Standard ETO Reports
Reporting on Internal Referrals and Legacy Referrals
Reporting on Internal Referrals and Legacy Referrals
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Standard Reports

Found on the Navigation Bar under Report > View Reports > Referral Reports

Custom Reports

Universe: Use the Standard Participant Universe or a custom report with referral details.

Standard Universe

In the standard Universe, you will find the following details available for reporting.

New Referral Objects

Legacy Referral Objects

Creating a Universe for Referrals

Subject Area: Participant, Entity, Family - Choose the appropriate subject area for who you are attempting to report on. If Participants are being referred choose Participants. If families are being referred choose family. If Entities are being referred, choose Entities.

Focus Area: Choose Internal Referrals and/or Referrals (Legacy) to report on New and Legacy referrals.

Note: Results will not reflect the same changes made to Referrals made in the UI. (Internal Referrals will still show as Referrals (New) in Results)

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