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ETO | Language, Accent Marks, and Other Special Characters
ETO | Language, Accent Marks, and Other Special Characters
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ETO Software is an English language software. ETO is built on a Microsoft SQL server that uses English ASCII characters. Accent marks are not considered standard characters within this framework. We anticipate some issues with accent marks and other special characters (ex. # or &) in parts of the product. We are happy to report these areas to our Development team, but we understand there may be technical limitations to addressing those changes.

Areas where we see issues with accent marks and special characters:

  • Batch Upload

  • API calls

  • Cross-references in TouchPoints

  • Text fields in TouchPoints

  • Updating Participant demographics

  • Printing blank TouchPoints

Note: Participant Names that contain apostrophes do not work with Legacy features like Assessments. Please remove apostrophes from Participant names when working with Legacy features.

Changing ETO's Language

Much of ETO is customizable and could be written in another language using primarily English characters, including the following features:

  • Side Navigation

  • TouchPoints

  • Demographics

  • Dashboard Messages

  • Site and Program Names

There are limitations where some pages will show English text, tool tips, or buttons. These are hard coded in to the product and cannot be changed.

Working with Special Characters

Copy/Paste Without Formatting from Word : Characters such as "smart quotes", < >, accents, or other copy/paste characters are often the root of an issue. You can paste text without formatting to ensure there aren't any strange characters coming in to ETO.

If you are finding an error in ETO because of a special character, report it to our Support team at We may be unable to make the development changes at the time, and we might request that you remove the special characters for a quicker resolution. However, we will report the issue to our Development team to accurately track where the errors persist.

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