Match Case Number to Participant Site ID

#Participants Set Case Number and Participant Site ID to the same value

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Case Number may be used to capture any alphanumeric code (letters and/or numbers) that your organization uses to track Participants. It is also possible to make this field automatically generate a number using the steps below.

Set Case Number to View Only: 

  1. Expand the Navigation Bar.

  2. Click Site Administration.

  3. Click Manage Demographics.

  4. Check the "View Only" box next to Case Number.

  • This option will gray out the field and prevent a value from being entered for Case Number on the Add New Participant page. A Case Number will then automatically generate after the record is submitted to match the Participant Site ID.

If Case Number is enabled but not set to View Only, a Case Number will automatically generate to match Participant Site ID.

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