Release Notes | 20.8.0

Released 4/16/2020

Updated over a week ago

This release includes the third release of rewritten, browser neutral pages, as well as several high priority defect fixes. This release also includes a new banner for our COVID-19 Resource page as well as a new update to HMIS Data Pulls.


For this release, the following features have been rewritten so that all of their associated pages are browser neutral:

  • Entities

  • Batch Upload

We also released new banner to guide administrative users toward our new COVID-19 Resource page. This banner will only show to administrative-level users, and end users can exit out of the banner and choose to not show the banner again.

For HMIS Template Users: HMIS Data Pulls will now ignore any programs without the Project Descriptor Data Elements TouchPoint not filled out. The data pull will not pull in any data from those programs, and there will be a warning notifying end users of this.Β 


The following fixes are in this release:

ETOC-7786 - 20.7.0 TouchPoints: Must Toggle TP Name to take TP

  • End Users no longer have to toggle a TouchPoint name in order to continue recording a TouchPoint

ETOC-8113 - Enroll Entities: Does not recognize filtered list to < 1000 entities

  • When filtered down, users can now enroll 100 entities at one time.

ETOC-9104 – Arlington Reporting Dashboard shows blank page

  • Reporting Dashboard will now properly display reports.

ETOC-9109 - 20.7.0 Assessments/Referrals/Efforts/Bed Stays cannot be updated from participant dashboard or QS

  • Assessments, Referrals, Efforts, and Bed Stays can now be updated from participant dashboard and quick search.

ETOC-9113 - 20.7.0 Cross Reference Elements display in narrow boxes

  • Cross Reference Elements will now display full text in drop down box.

ETOC-8462 - 2020-01 .NET updates and later causing authentication issue with universal-reporting-stage

  • These are enhancements to our monthly maintenance patching.


  • This is the third release of rewritten, browser-neutral pages for ETO.Β 

  • We will release batches of rewritten pages every 2 weeks for the next few months as part of our ETO Browser Neutrality initiative.

  • Rewriting these pages allows us to eventually integrate new technology into ETO – like in-product chat and in-product guides!

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